Outdoor Explorers: Take a Hike

Title Description

Attention, Outdoor Explorers: Let's take a hike! Explore the magic of nature on the trail, in the trees, at the pond ... and maybe right in your own backyard. With this book you'll discover interesting facts about nature all around you, and you can use it to record what you see in the book's observation logs — just like a real explorer! Designed for kids to take out into nature and explore firsthand, the book includes interesting facts, observation logs, reflection prompts, activities, games, crafts, and more! Also includes a magnifying glass and stickers to use while exploring.

  • Discover interesting information about the nature around you, including what's in your own backyard! This exciting book is designed to go take on the trail with you as well as help you explore what's in your own neighborhood and backyard!
  • Loaded with fun activities: Scavenger hunts, hiking and observation logs, learn to draw animals, crafting with nature such as building a bird house, reflective journaling, bird bingo, and more!
  • Fun facts and activities about flowers, trees, insects, birds, amphibians, and animals are included.
  • Spiral-bound to lay flat and so notes and drawings can be entered with ease.
  • Includes stickers to help complete tasks and a magnifying glass to deeper explore nature!
$ 12.99

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