Essential Sensory Book Box

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A baby book is much more than its story! We’ve specially curated six books that stimulate baby's senses and foster early skills and emotional development during story time.

Best of all, if you buy our Essential Sensory Book Box you’ll receive 30% off and free shipping on your order!

Farm Babies Tuffy Book -- FREE in this box!

Finally, a book you want your child to chew on! A diaper bag essential, our durable line of Tuffy books combine a BPA-free teether with unrippable paperlike pages that are uniquely built to withstand the traditional wear and tear of teething babies. Read it. Chew it. Wash it. Love it. That's the Tuffy way!

Babies Love Colors

Dive into one of our all-time bestsellers! Designed to introduce babies to early learning concepts and strengthen fine motor skills, this book will entertain and engage baby with a special surprise under each flap. Introduce your baby to all the colors of the rainbow with our extra durable Lift-a-Flap book, strong enough for babies to explore without ripping or tearing.

Good Morning, Cuddlebug Lane

Join a lovable bunch of fuzzy animal friends as they enjoy a sweet summer day in this lively, interactive touch-and-feel Soft & Snuggle book filled with oodles of endless cuteness! This delightful rhyming story is paired with cheerful illustrations and touch-and-feel textures including faux fur, feathers, fuzz, peeks, traces, bumpies, and glitter designed to encourage sensory exploration and help support the development of fine motor skills.

Lamaze Feelings

Take a look at this book collaboration with Lamaze, a trusted global leader in pregnancy and early parenting products and education. Mirrors are perfect for teaching kiddos to recognize and practice emotions! Act silly like a giraffe, look surprised like a monkey, or pretend to sleep like a koala - Playful art and mirrors bring every expression to life in this fun and imaginative book designed to help little ones better understand their feelings.

Little Elephant's Friends

This soft, durable cloth book is an ideal first “reading” experience that offers an array of sensory experiences perfect for early tactile learning and fine motor skill development. From flaps and peeks to crinkle pages all made with baby-friendly materials, this adorable book has plenty for little ones to explore.

Poop! -- FREE in this box!

Give mom and dad a case of the giggles with this last book addition! Laugh along with Little Poop as he shares his favorite potty-time jokes. What did one roll of toilet paper say to the other? Find the answer to this joke and more in this adorable finger puppet book. Little Poop and its friends will have your little one giggling from start to finish, while the fun built-in poop finger puppet encourages interactive play and helps develop fine motor skills.