Ask an Astronaut

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Let's learn about astronauts with PBS KIDS® friends Dot, Dee, and Del! Introduce your toddler to these space scientists and explorers. What kind of person makes a good astronaut? What do they wear on a space walk? How do you go to the bathroom in space? Learn about the life and work of astronauts! Plus, bring the story to life with the free Novel Effect app to add sound effects to this learning adventure. Just download the app to your phone and read the story aloud and trigger sound effects at just the right moment, only using the sound of your voice. It is sure to be a hit with every curious little learner!

  • Parents rank PBS KIDS #1 in preparing children for school, developing the skills kids need to succeed, and modeling positive behavior (Maru/Matchbox 2016)
  • Come explore this story with the Novel Effect app for extra audio surprises!
  • Learn about what astronauts wear, what it's like to be in space, and what kinds of missions they go on
  • Surprise and delight your little one with bright illustrations, photography, and special fun facts on every page
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