Animals on the Farm

Title Description

It's a busy day on the farm with our animal friends and it starts when the rooster crows at sunrise! Visit the hens in the chicken coop to see where they lay their eggs and hatch their chicks. Check out the garden and see how the earthworms moving through the soil help make the dirt healthy so plants continue to grow. From the cow making milk for her calf to drink to the llamas that chase harmful animals away from the sheep, everyone on the farm has their role. Farm books for toddler boys and girls like this one will entertain little ones, especially when practicing animal sounds as you flip through the pages to create an interactive experience.

  • Explore life on the farm with the roosters and hens in the chicken coop, kittens in the barn, and so much more
  • Adorable illustrations in this "Animals On the Farm book" by well-known artist, Melanie Demmer, and rhyming text make for an engaging and entertaining read
  • Sturdy large board pages and padded durable cover suitable for babies and toddlers
  • Great farm animal board book and alternative to farm toys for boys and girls
  • Perfect gift for baby showers, a birthday, first libraries, and more from Cottage Door Press
$ 8.99

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