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Planting Seeds of Kindness

Kindness, love, and respect help make the world a better place. Share this book's message with the whole family -- to plant the idea that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Talk about school, neighbors, friends, and family. Animal characters are used in place of people, to be any race, gender, or age. Collect all the books in the Love You Always series from Cottage Door Press.

  • 10 board pages are just right for even the littlest "readers"
  • Sharing, helping, and kind words can make someone feel great
  • Talk about your day and how you helped make the world a little better
  • Colorful and engaging illustrations
  • Soft rhyming text is easy to read aloud

“This book is absolutely adorable and beautifully illustrated. We gave it to my mom as part of a "Surprise, you're going to be a grandma" gift. She cried.”

Celebrate unconditional love, kindness, and friendship with our best-selling Sunshine Mouse collection!

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Deluxe Sunshine Mouse Bundle: 4 Book and Plush Collection

This cuddly gift set is a perfect gift for holidays and birthdays!  The book and plush gift set feature the best selling board book Will You Be My Sunshine with a soft and cuddly mouse plush. 

You really are my sunshine! Even on cloudy, rainy days! Just seeing you chases the gloom away! Sharing this message with someone you love — of any age — is reassuring and comforting. An adorable little mouse family and friends are used in place of people, to be any race, gender, or age.  A wonderful gift idea for holidays, showers, birthdays, and first libraries.

  • 10 board pages are just right for even the littlest “readers” 
  • The message of unconditional love is revealed in colorful, engaging illustrations 
  • Soft rhyming text is easy to read aloud 
  • The perfect present for any occasion: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, birthdays and more!  Little ones will love cuddling with this cozy plush while reading the story
  • Cuddly mouse plush is just the right size to carry-along everywhere your baby or toddler goes!
  • keepsake for generations

    A family favorite! Shop our best-selling Sunshine Mouse line for the little sunshine in your life!

    “Beautiful! Wonderful illustrations and very touching! The child is the sunshine, rainbow, bright star, and moonbeam in a parent's life. Love this book!”

    Sing along to ten sweet, sunshiny songs with Sunshine Mouse and friends! Toddlers and preschoolers will love boppin’ to the beat of friendship and kindness themed songs including Make New Friends, Bicycle Built for Two, The More We Get Together, Brighten the Corner Where You Are, Sing a Song of Sunshine, Be Kind to Your Family and Friends, Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee, If You’re Sunny and You Know It, Will You Be My Sunshine?, and Let’s be a Rainbow. Sing, dance, and meet adorable new animal friends on every page by pushing the button and following along for a fun sensory experience designed to entertain, strengthen fine motor skills, and encourage musical expression. A lively, playful sound book that celebrates love, kindness, and friendship.

    Collect the entire Early Bird Song Book series!

    • Companion book to bestselling keepsake board book, Will You Be My Sunshine
    • Singing is learning! Singing develops listening and memory skills important to early literacy
    • Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy pressing the buttons for an interactive experience that helps strengthen fine-motor skills 
    • Inspires musical expression and encourages movement with rhythm
    • Introduces little ones to early social-emotional learning concepts and touches on themes of empathy, kindness, love, and friendship
    • Makes a great gift for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, and more!
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    Sunshine Songs

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