When We All Stopped

Written by Tom Rivett-Carnac  |  Illustrated by Bee Rivett-Carnac

The pandemic lockdown offered an opportunity to tell a story that enables parents and children to talk about climate change. The fundamental message in this book is one of hope.

The future is unwritten.

What happens next is up to us.

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This is a book about what happens next.

It all started in the days when we were locked away in our houses, as we looked out our windows as the seasons changed. It tells the story of how, in that moment of quiet and isolation, something we had forgotten crept in, and we started to remember how to live on this planet.

We who are here now get to choose where we take the human story next.

Let's Choose Well.

“I’ve often considered it strange that the most intellectual creature ever to walk theearth is destroying its only home. This wonderful story, When We All Stopped, helpsparents and their children to overcome the disconnect between our clever brains andour loving, compassionate hearts. We must find a way of living in harmony with nature sothat both may thrive. I hope this storybook inspires people of all ages to play their partin healing the harm we have inflicted so that together we can create a new future.”

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBEFounder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Visit TED-Ed to see an animated version of this story narrated by Dr. Jane Goodall.

6% of the proceeds from the sales of this book goes to support the Jane Goodall Institute and their membership with 1% for the Planet.

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