The Holidays are right around the corner, and we are here with some fun snacks, crafts, and printable activities to help get you and your little ones in the Christmas spirit!

In addition to these Christmas-themed crafts, kids can further practice hand-eye and fine motor skills with our activity books!

If you’re looking for ways to add some healthy food into your family’s diet to go along with those Christmas cookies, check out these tasty treats.

1. Kiwi Christmas Tree


- Kiwi

- Raspberries

- Blueberies


  1. Peel the kiwi carefully. Reserve the peel to make into the tee trunk (optional).
  2. Cut the kiwi into round slices. Cut each slice in half.
  3. Arrange the slices to make up tree shape by placing two slices back to back on the plate with the straight edge facing out. Repeat this process underneath with two more slices, and then again with the last two slices.
  4. Add blueberries and raspberries to the tree to decorate the tree. Remember to get creative with your design!
  5.  Make your tree trunk with either the peel or a small sliver of kiwi. 

2. Santa Strawberries 


- 1 pint fresh strawberries, hulled

- 1 cup heavy whipping cream

- 1 tablespoon powdered sugar

- 1 tablespoon chocolate sprinkles


  1. To hull a strawberry: Insert the tip of the knife into the strawberry next to the stem cap. Angle the knife’s tip toward the center core of the berry. Rotate the strawberry with the knife still angled toward the center to help guide the cut around the stem’s cap, cutting out the stem and some of the core.
  2. Beat the heavy whipping cream in a metal mixing bowl until fluffy and gradually beat in the powdered sugar. Continue beating the mixture until soft peaks form. You’ll know it’s ready when the whipped cream forms soft mounds when you lift your beater or whisk straight up.
  3. Cut off the top tip of the strawberry to create a small cone for Santa’s hat. Set the Santa hats aside.
  4. Spoon a dollop of the cream and sugar mixture into each hulled strawberry. Set the “hat” on top of the mixture, leaving room to make Santa’s face in between the strawberry pieces.
  5. Add a small dot of cream on top of the “hat” to make the pom-pom and another 2 dots on the strawberry base to make buttons.
  6. Place 2 sprinkles on the “face” to make eyes.

3. Printable Activities

4. Popsicle Ornament

This adorable craft is perfect to get the creative juices flowing.


- Popsicle sticks

- White craft glue

- Paint

- Markers, stickers, googly eyes, felt, or other for embellishments

- Twine


  1. Decide what you want to make: Christmas tree, snowmen, or Santa are just a few fun options.
  2. Paint the popsicle sticks according to your design and set aside until fully dry.
  3. Once dry, glue the sides of the popsicle sticks and place side by side or in the arrangement you want for your design.
  4. Add stickers, draw faces, or cut out felt pieces for tree ornaments. The choice is yours!
  5. Cut a small piece of twine or string, loop it at the top of your masterpiece, and glue together.