"My Stars!"

Fall in love with strong, smart, brave, and kind Clementine.

Adventures await!

Captain Clementine

Secret of the Star

9781646388288 | $16.99 | Pub date: August 15, 2023

Meet Captain Clementine, a little girl who is the captain of her own ship and crew! In this introductory story we learn just who Clementine is (a princess of the high seas!), how her magical necklace leads her to the Star of the Sea (her magical, beautiful ship!), and see her at school (the Royal Barnacle Academy!). When her necklace is nabbed by a naughty gull, and dropped deep into the ocean, a little mermaid girl draws up a plan for finding its owner...and finds a new best friend! “My stars!” Girls and boys – and grownups – will fall in love with strong, smart, brave, and kind Clementine. Adventures await!

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Ginny Graham O'Donnell

Ginny Graham O'Donnell has made her children's books her life story. She is a "founding mother" and Editorial Director at Cottage Door Press, where her mission is to make books that inspire reading to your child from the day they're born. Having written dozens of board books for babies and toddlers (under a pen name), Captain Clementine is Ginny's first picture book. She says, "Captain Clementine tumbled out of my imagination with such spirit and determination, I am breathless trying to keep up with all of her stories! My stars! She has so many adventures she wants to tell you about!" Ginny lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Laura Brenlla

Laura Brenlla was born to bring Captain Clementine to life! With an illustration style that captures the quirkiness of the crew and the spirit of the Star of the Sea, Laura made sure that every detail was captured for you to discover and enjoy. Laura lives in Madrid, Spain. When she isn't drawing or painting, she loves to restore furniture and explore the beautiful parks of her city.

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